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Replacing a lost tooth is about more than just physical appearance. Losing a tooth can greatly affect a person’s look but it can also affect confidence and ability to chew properly.

Dental implants are not a new concept. A quick google search reports stories of ancient dental implants made from a range of materials like seashells, wood, or even animal teeth. Fortunately, the modern age provides the opportunity to correct the problem with a much safer and cosmetically pleasing dental implant solution.

A dental implant is perhaps one of the best options for tooth replacement. They are permanent, look great and are completely functional. While any surgery always includes a level of risk, dental implant Indianapolis procedure complications are rare and the process is typically free of major problems.

Most people are good candidates for dental implants. If you are ready to get your smile back, dental implant Indianapolis may be your best solution.

Contact us today (317-747-3820) to schedule your initial consultation with our experienced cosmetic dentist in Indianapolis Indiana. Our team will be happy to navigate you through the process. We look forward to seeing your smile.

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    Dental Implants Indianapolis: Information Overload

    photo of a woman demonstrating a dental implant

    The Dental Implant Indianapolis Procedure

    The dental Implant Indianapolis process entails more than just one visit to a cosmetic dentist. The procedure takes place in multiple steps, with healing time in between for most pieces of the picture.

    Patient treatment plans are determined by the level of any initial bone loss and the structure of the individual patient’s mouth. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation to determine both your procedure timeline as well as the overall cost.

    The Cost of Dental Implants Indianapolis

    What is the value of a person’s smile? We think it’s priceless!

    A dental implant has the potential to maintain and improve the overall dental health of a patient. It also adds a boost to self-confidence and can help prevent the look of aging.

    Although the high cost of dental implant Indianapolis can be overwhelming, there many options to ease the burden of this cost.

    photo of a man smiling and showing his teeth
    photo of a dental implant

    Fun Facts About Dental Implants

    Dental Implants And Spaceships

    Did you know that implants and spaceships have something in common? They are both made from titanium.

    Yes, the dental implant you get from our Indianapolis cosmetic dentist will be as strong as those rockets and space shuttles that head to Mars.

    Dental Implants Cannot Decay

    Unlike natural teeth, dental implants cannot decay or get cavities. This is because they are made of very strong material- titanium.

    Once you undergo dental implant surgery, the implant will never need fillings. However, this is not to mean that you forego oral care as your original teeth can still get a cavity.

    woman pointing at teeth

    Your Dental Implant Indianapolis Questions Answered.

    Who does dental implants?

    Periodontists and oral surgeons typically specialize in dental implant placement. Although they can also perform the implant procedure, most general dentists will refer patients to a specialist surgeon.

    Are dental implants safe?

    Absolutely! While any surgery includes an element of risk, dental implants are considered a safe and routine procedure. The first dental implant was placed in 1965, giving dentists over 50 years to improve the procedure.

    Will dental implants cure gum disease?

    Dental Implants are a separate procedure and not a cure for gum disease. Gum disease itself will need to be treated and proper dental hygiene habits maintained to address the disease. Patients are still potential candidates for dental implants as long as the disease is being properly treated.

    Will dental implants stop bone loss?

    Yes! Dental Implants improve dental structure by both stopping and reversing the bone loss that can occur from missing teeth. This is one of the huge health benefits of choosing to add a dental implant.